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Publications for the Workplace

"Breaking Boundaries: Employee Engagement through the Principles of Greatness"

10 easy steps to build engagement with your team and create a great place to work

Do you want to create a high performance work culture, improve employee retention, increase productivity and have a highly

successful business with just 10 simple ingredients?

  • Do you want to make a great leap forward to increasing employee engagement in your business?

  • Are you a business leader or manager that is struggling to keep your team engaged and retain your best people?

  • Are you losing money because your people keep leaving?

  • Are you missing business opportunities because your workforce can’t be productive enough?

  • Do you have performance or absence issues?

  • Do you want to know the secret to a happy, engaged workforce by applying some very basic principles?

  • Are you short on time and money, need some quick ideas to implement asap that won’t cost your business a fortune?

If so, then this book has the answers. I will show you how to apply some basic principles in your business that will build solid foundations. I will show you how to implement a simple management strategy that creates a high performance work culture through values, culture and people's need to experience high-quality motivation.

Building a team that motivates itself, gets on with one another and catapults your business into profit is not easy, but by setting out a simple doctrine of values, using the Principles of Greatness you will be able to.

We will cover:

  • Why engagement matters

  • The problems and costs to your business of disengagement

  • Values – what are they are why are they necessary?

  • The Principles of Greatness and why you need them in your business

  • 10 simple ingredients to create the right culture and make your workplace a great place to work

  • How to make your workplace the employee’s choice

  • How to make your workforce happy and provide an environment where everyone flourishes

  • An example Company Charter and why you should have one

  • BONUS content: 21 Free and Easy employee engagement ideas that you can implement straight away

  • Links to other useful websites, free resources and other great authors on the subject

This book will appeal to anyone interested in: employee engagement, employee motivation, team management, leadership, employee relations, employee development, boosting employee morale, employee satisfaction, improving productivity, creating a high performance work culture, creating high performance teams and those wishing to create organizational values.

So, what are you waiting for? Master the art of building employee engagement using the Principles of Greatness every day… Secure yourself the #1 boss award after reading and implementing these guidelines. They are simple, free, yes FREE, no ingredients in this formula need to cost your business the earth. You will learn about 10 basic principles to implement right away; these are easy, practical, doable, repeatable

... secure yourself a copy of “Breaking Boundaries: The art of how to build employee engagement with your team using the Principles of Greatness every day.”.. and put your business on the path to greatness.. including additional BONUS content and resources

This book will save you money, make you money, retain your staff, reduce recruitment costs and put your business in the running for the #1 place to work.

Revolutionise your workplace, throw out the rule book and engage with your team.

Publications for Personal Transformation

"Alternative Tomorrows"

28 Day Self-Awareness Challenge: Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope


You have 28 days to transform your ability to critically evaluate yourself in just 5 minutes a day.. are you ready for the challenge?

  • Who are you as a human being?

  • What matters to you?

  • How do you really think and feel about yourself?

  • What concerns you each day?

This 28 Day self-awareness challenge is an entry level into journaling for self transformation.

Spending just 5 minutes a day asking yourself some crucial questions will help to focus your mind on making small incremental changes. A little change in a day adds up to a lot over time.

Start fixing the things you can control, your daily actions.

  • What are you grateful for? Being grateful is the antidote to resentment.

  • What are you proud of? Praise yourself for doing something good

  • Are you ready to set small goals each day?

Why choose this journal?

  • You're new to journaling and don't want anything too complicated

  • You've never learned to self-reflect and you need a good entry point

  • Just 5 minutes a day or less required

  • End of week reflections

  • Beginning of week aspirations

  • End of the 28 day challenge reflections and letter of appreciation

Begin to enjoy working towards an alternative tomorrow with hope.

  • Handy paperback to keep readily available

  • Great for busy people short on time

  • The perfect paperback size (7.5″ x 9.25″)

Part of the 'Alternative Tomorrows' series from Adele Marsh. Aimed at transforming your life and showing you a path of self-discovery to help you realise your full potential.

This book will begin changing your mindset on finding your purpose in life. Working towards a goal, having meaning is the path to less chaotic life.



Introducing the Principles of Greatness in the workplace

[PDF download]

21 Free & easy employee engagement ideas 

[PDF download]

Introducing a Company Charter to the workplace

[PDF download]

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