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What is the role of HR in the Future of Work?

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

The role of HR in the Future of Work is changing. As HR moves focus from HR process to employee experience, a new type of transformational HR is emerging. Even the use of language by HR is changing.

No longer do we focus on HR policies and procedures but instead we enhance the employee journey within our organisations; becoming champions of the employee experience. HR need to become the champions and enablers of the cultural and performance evolution that rapid pace growth both drives and requires.

I see job adverts emerging for Chief People Officer, Employee Experience Officer, Employee Journey Champion, no longer for the HR Officer. HR is moving from Transactional to Transformational.

HR is evolving as marketer of the organisational vision and promoter of values and culture. HR is having to ‘sell’ their organisations in the employee marketplace. We would probably do well to take a sales and marketing course if we want to succeed in the future!

We are now beginning to think of ourselves as designers of the employee experience & incorporate agile methodologies as we start to embrace ways of thinking advocated by our colleagues in marketing, tech and customer retention.

As businesses invest heavily in the customer experience then the employee experience must have equal attention. Becoming a great place to work & finding employees that both champion and guard our employer brand are key priorities for HR in the rapidly changing business environment.

So what are your key HR priorities in this world of Transformational HR?

Here’s my Top 10:

1) Replace lengthy, bureaucratic HR Practices with informed choices

2) Bring guiding principles to the forefront

3) Turn traditional performance management practices upside down (throw out the annual review!)

4) Remove Job Descriptions and replace them with charters of collaboration

5) Promote the Company Charter

6) Help employees find meaningful, inspirational work

7) Help employees experience high quality inspiration (formerly known as motivation)

8) Promote flexible working with the increased use of location aware mobile technologies

9) Encourage employee centred experiential learning (formerly known as training)

10) Focus on community, collaboration & connection

And my ultimate goal?... is to become the employee experience champion for all the organisations I work with.

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